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In today’s challenging work environment,

it is more important than ever to insure that your team is effective, efficient and seeing & feeling success!

Your employees are being asked to do more with less which places an immense amount of pressure on each individual of your team to perform. Stress levels can mount if they are not aware of the needs and communicative style differences within the team.
ExecuInsight can help your team to recognize their strengths, interests and relational needs on an individual basis and then create a level of awareness amongst the team members.
The value of this can be priceless for your organization and productivity can increase substantially.
This program can help newly formed teams and companies who are experiencing growth as well as established teams who want to enhance their effectiveness.
The Program Provides Various Types Of Training:
  • Keynote Speech: (60-90 Minutes)
    • ​Understanding Style Differences And Translating That Into Team Effectiveness.
  • Individual Coaching (On-line Assessment + 90 Minute Debrief)
    • ​Each team member should go through the assessment and coaching that will provide them with extensive insight on their strengths, relational, communicative and work style. They will also learn about their needs in the workplace and how they may react from a stress perspective if their needs are not met.
  • Team Training Seminar: (Half/Full Day)
    • ​Team participants will learn about their co-workers style preferences and needs and their stress tendencies. This is an activity based session that will allow for group interaction and strategic planning for future effectiveness.
  • Follow-up Coaching:
    • ​Many times team members and/or managers will request further follow-up coaching to address specific needs or relational situations.

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We Are Committed To Helping You See Great Success!

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