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Judy Mondello
Vice President of Consumer Research & Development, J.M. Smucker Company

"I have worked with Michele Hanson and Execuinsight for several years, not only has she helped me become a better leader but she has provided individual coaching for my team members!  I can honestly say working with Michele has transformed my leadership skills and enabled my professional career to progress in ways I couldn’t have imagined when we first starting working together.  I have seen my team members grow and become more open, collaborative and engaged!  Working with Michele has been a pleasure and extremely valuable experience!"

Lisa Bashore, President, Shine Therapy, Inc., Professor, TCU

Nurse, Cooks Children’s Hospital


“Michele Hanson took on the challenging opportunity to facilitate the successful revival of Shine Therapy, Inc. She has been instrumental in assisting our organization in building new and lasting partnerships, strengthening our current partnerships, gaining access to sustainable funding, and building a strong board of directors and advisors who can make this organization strong again. She displayed sincerity in her efforts to ensure our success and is truly passionate about her work. Michele is phenomenal. Once I sought her consultation just about 8 months ago, and talked with her, I never looked back. Our organization’s current leadership and board are grateful for her time and her expertise.en greatly enhanced because of the work that ExecuInsight has done for our firm.”

Karen Milley, Business Owner

Retired, VP of Consumer R&D, J.M. Smucker Company


"Execusight was the perfect partner for me at the right time of a leadership change.  Through their effective behavioral assessments and ability to demonstrate how teams can use this insight to build the best performance and team dynamics, Michele and her skilled resources helped me quickly turn a group of employees into a high performing team.  With Execuinsight’s support we were able to put people in roles that best suited their skills and passion, identified development opportunities by individual and team, and made the hard decisions as needed.  Whether the deliverables were a one-time event or an extended coaching plan, Execusight always exceeded our objectives."

Sandra Bushby, National Director of Women’s Initiatives, KPMG

“ExecuInsight has provided the skills and expertise needed to make a difference.”
“Our Women’s Initiatives have been greatly enhanced because of the work that ExecuInsight has done for our firm.”

Korrie Hoskins, Benefits, City of Austin

"I am at a point in my life where I'm trying to decide on a career change. Through Michele Hanson's assessment and coaching, I can now recognize what my true interests and needs are in the work environment. Michele has helped me to identify my weaknesses and focus on my strengths. Her suggestions have truly been invaluable. She has helped me set goals and gain the courage to pursue a new career that will be more suitable for me."

Mendy Freppon, CEO, Front & Center Marketing

“Working with Michele on my Birkman Assessment® was a wonderful experience that delivered incredible results. The Birkman Assessment® helped me truly understand my strengths and needs. I had a basic idea of my strengths, but was not educated on what I needed to be effective and satisfied in a work place environment. By learning more about my needs, I was able to identify the ideal workplace setting in which I would be both satisfied and successful. I am a consultant and I screen potential clients just as diligently as they screen me when determining whether or not I am a good match for their company. Having my needs met is vital to my performance level. I want to do outstanding work and now I know what I need to deliver outstanding results. Michele provided me with an incredible set of tools for success. My only regret is not doing the Birkman Assessment® sooner.”

Joy Nicholas
Executive Coach, ExecuInsight LLC
Adjunct Associate Professor, Austin Community College
Principal Owner, JN Retail Connections LLC
Previous, VP, Research & Emerging Technologies, FMI

"I have known and worked with Michele Hanson for the last twenty years.  As the original founder of the Network of Executive Women (NEW),  I consider her to be one of the top trailblazing women in the supermarket industry!  I have been inspired by her amazing ability to lead others with her passion, knowledge and experience while being crystal clear that her ethics and kindness will never waiver.  She has been an amazing role model for me and I look forward to continuing to work with Michele in the future."

Kevin Prevou
Associate Director, Catechetical Services, Diocese of Dallas
Previous Director of Youth, Young Adult & Campus Ministry, Diocese of Ft. Worth

"Michele Hanson, as a skilled presenter and facilitator, has expertise that has proven most valuable to me in my work with volunteer and professional ministry leaders. By offering the Birkman Method Assessment® as a tool for gaining in-depth insights and personal motivation, Michele helped me to offer an overnight leadership opportunity that was, by far, the most highly-rated retreat experience in our group's long history.  I highly recommend Michele - she is truly an outstanding expert in her field."

Anne Prevou
Freelance Writer/Researcher

"At a dynamic weekend workshop experience led by Michele, I gained valuable insights into my personal strengths and the most effective ways of motivating myself to pursue excellence in all aspects of my life. I have since sent each of my three sons and several other young adults to consult with Michele during times of transition. Michele offers a unique blend of humor, empathetic encouragement, and expertise in assisting people of all ages to achieve their full potential. I highly recommend Michele's services of skillful coaching and innovative leadership."

Fr. Charlie Calabrese
Former TCU Catholic Campus Minister

"Michele Hanson did leadership development with the TCU Catholic Community Advisory Board and the Student Board. Each Board member completed the Birkman Assessment® Questionnaire. Then Michele  interpreted the results. Everyone gained insight into their interests, needs, stressors – and the way they related to people. With her couching, Board members began to understand their relational dynamics and how to work more cohesively and more intentionally. Another outcome was that some members realized the positions they held did not engage their interests. As a result, they switched to positions that did. 


Michele also facilitated Town Meetings to get feedback from, and to brainstorm with, Community members. Several students wanted someone to mentor them in their academic major. Others wanted more contact with local families. So Michele formed and oversaw both a Mentor Program and a Host Family Program.


In response to Pope Francis’ call to “Serve the Poor,” Michele arranged for five Fort Worth agencies who served the poor, to come to campus in order to share their mission, to explain their needs, and to invite our Community as volunteers to partner with them in serving the poor. This resulted in a large number of our Community members volunteering with these agencies.


This just scratches the surface of the impact Michele made on our Community. Her dynamism, her creativity, and her vision are contagious! I am forever grateful for the transforming work that Michele did with our Community!"

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