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ExecuInsight Academic Success Program

“You can make anything by writing.” CS Lewis

ExecuInsight LLC is privileged to be partnering with educator and administrator, Scott Virano, to offer a personalized Academic Success Program. This program provides a combination of support and services to guide students throughout their entire academic journey. Scott’s education, experience, and values make him an ideal coach to equip students to advance and succeed, both academically and professionally.

Raised in South Florida since he was six years old, Scott was educated in the Florida public education system from first grade through the State University. After graduating from Florida State University, Scott entered into a career in public education in the same county where he grew up. For 22 years, Scott taught secondary school Social Studies in multiple subject areas, including World Geography, Civics, and American Government. As a “full-spectrum product” of the public education system, Scott experienced the needs of students from the perspective of a student and professional educator.

In 2022, Scott and his family moved to Keystone, Colorado where he has most recently worked as a Campus Supervisor at Summit County High School, fulfilling multiple roles including student testing, security, parent relations and communications.

Human rights and equal opportunity are core values that drive Scott’s purpose. He is passionate about moving towards “a more idealistic America” by creating opportunities for minorities, supporting women in the workplace, and promoting inclusiveness in general. For Scott, “It’s all about inclusiveness.”

Filling the Gap

As a student and educator, Scott gained insight into the needs that students have entering the college environment, along with how public education falls short of preparing those students. Through his experience in the academic world, Scott has identified important trends among the population of college-bound students. These are addressed with the Academic Success Program. One major deficiency is in the writing abilities of students. In fact, the 2021 U.S. National Assessment of Educational Progress for Writing, indicates as many as 75% of students cannot write at a basic level (Dunn,M., TheChallenges of Struggling Writers: Strategies That Can Help. Educ. Sci. 2021, 11, 795. 11120795).

This ineptitude is a far-reaching concern, because the ability to communicate effectively through good writing is an essential life skill, regardless of which academic field students pursue. Many college courses include intensive writing and reading components and students are finding themselves underprepared. The task of managing writing assignments can be daunting, yet vitally important. Writing a well-formed application, resume, and cover letter is often the first step to getting a job. In a society fueled by technology and social media, writing has become the primary means people gather information and connect with others.

Scott is dedicated to helping students hone in on the power and intention available in writing, because he believes, “What someone puts into writing is truly what they are thinking.” When students have the ability to write effectively, they possess a powerful outlet for having their personal voices heard.

Setting Up for Success

Other significant challenges in today’s academic world include the adverse trend of grade inflation and overly involved parents metaphorically holding kids' hands through school. While students are meeting academic requirements and attaining GPA’s for acceptance into college, many lack the skills necessary to make it in the first two years of college level courses. The Academic Success Program is designed to fill the gap between the high school senior graduating with a 4.0 and the college freshman overwhelmed with the rigor of college expectations.

Scott points out that the highest dropout rate for students is in the first two years of college, largely due to taking courses that do not meet their learning needs. The ExecuInsight team can provide assistance to students in determining the major/minor that fits their passions, strengths, and workplace needs. “Our goal is to help students make better use of their time and finances in pursuing a career that is actually a good fit for them,” notes Scott. The Academic Success Program helps students choose a learning journey that is most fulfilling for them and satisfies their professional goals.

In a holistic approach, students are guided through personalized coaching, tutoring, and mentorship. Every individual is treated as a priority and offered a strategic plan for success, based on his/her needs. Scott, along with a team of coaches who have expertise in the fields of Academics, Medicine, Business, and more, provide support for students at all stages of education.

Ultimately, the ExecuInsight Academic Success Program empowers students with skills to advocate for themselves. “We help them learn to ask the right questions and teach them the skills they will need to make critical decisions and jump hurdles when they arise,” states Scott. Developing independent students who think for themselves results in a generation of leaders who will positively transform schools, organizations, and ultimately, the world.

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