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Life Has Changed.

We are currently in the midst of an enormous amount of change driven by the pandemic. Life as we have known it is quite different. Some will embrace the change quickly and will somewhat enjoy it. Others may be skeptical of the change and maybe push back or rebel against it.

It’s important to note that each of us deals with change. We just do it very differently depending on our style. Note that there are no rights or wrongs. We are just wired differently, and it will be important to understand our own individual tendencies and needs, and to understand the needs of others. Especially those that are different than us.

Do you know someone who seems to be going with the flow with all of the changes in our world today with the Coronavirus? Do they exhibit some of these traits?

· Maybe they don’t seem serious about the changes that are being imposed upon us.

· They are happy, having fun. This situation doesn’t seem to be affecting them.

· They may be finding new opportunities within the changes.

· They are starting new changes on their own.

· They are still on the go – not slowing down.

· They enjoy doing a lot of things at once.

Some things to note about these people. If any of the above traits seem to be excessive, they may be in stress. It will be important that they continue to have a variety of things going on in their lives. Encourage them to set up a schedule that has a lot of variety and incorporates frequent changes in activity. Help them to build a plan for the next several weeks where they can work on different projects or efforts that will be helpful to themselves and others. Can they find ways to virtually assist others? Encourage them to think out of the box and pursue new interests.

On the flip side you may know someone that is feeling anxiety with all of the changes around the Coronavirus outbreak. Are you seeing some of these traits in people you know?

· Feeling a loss of control, fear and hopelessness.

· It all seems overwhelming.

· Worrying

· Maybe a level of withdrawal or may feel frozen – can’t make a move.

· It hurts to have rules imposed. They may resist the change.

For the many that may be feeling the above and more, the world may seem out of control right now. It’s important that they build structure into their day. Creating a detailed schedule where they can see tasks being accomplished. It will be important that they create lists and prioritize activities. Let them work without interruption and minimize any big/abrupt changes to their schedule. It is more important than ever that they feel as if they are in control of something. If there are ways that they can be involved in leading a change effort around the coronavirus in their community, that will help to ease the worry. If that is not an option, let them lead changes with work projects or within the family. Maybe they can lead a family effort to exercise more (create an exercise schedule) or eat healthier (plan out the meals for the week).

Change is a constant in our lives especially now. The more we can work to recognize our style and needs, and those of others, the more we will be operating from a place of calm. That calm will allow us to be at our best and to see the good that is coming from the change we are experiencing.

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“All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this situation only good will come.” Louise Hay

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