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WISE Selects DEI Collaborator ExecuInsight for 2021 Partnership

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

The WISE Board of Directors has selected ExecuInsight as its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) collaborator for 2021. With a client list that includes Nestle and J.M. Smucker, ExecuInsight has developed a program tailored to WISE that addresses a broader denition of diversity and provides important resources for our members that are also championing workplace diversity. “During the last year and a half, the WISE Board of Directors took a deep look at where we’ve been and what impact we could make moving ahead,” notes WISE Chairperson Jen Linke, Federated Group “We want to be a catalyst for true diversity initiatives, and most importantly, a reliable resource for th individuals and companies in our membership. Many of our member companies, especially the small and medium-sized ones, don’t have a dedicated Diversity and Inclusion department or director. WISE would like to be where they can turn to for good information in supporting their DEI goals.” The collaboration with ExecuInsight will bring WISE partner companies more content, more innovation and more leadership for DEI education & training. The WISE customized DEI program is designed to be simple to engage with and this initiative includes 3 tracks: 1) Human Resource Team Track – a way for companies to attract and retain diverse talent, 2) Leadership Track – how to lead an manage diverse teams, and 3) Individual Contributor Track – inform and educate individual employees. “ExecuInsight LLC is excited to be partnering with WISE to bring focused attention to the opportunitie around diversity, equity and inclusion in the store brand industry,” says Michele Hanson, CEO of 1/5 d

9/14/21, 9:45 PM WISE Selects DEI Collaborator ExecuInsight. “We see this eort as a ground breaking initiative that will combine best practices and action learning solutions to individuals at all levels within WISE’s Partnership base.” There’s no better time to join WISE. These new resources and services will only be oered to WISE partner companies and their members that are currently enrolled in WISE. The information will be oered at no additional cost. If you are unsure about your membership status with WISE, please be sure to reach out to so you don’t miss out on these wonderful new oerings from WISE and ExecuInsight.

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