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DEI Training for Storebrand Companies

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Companies with gender-diverse executive teams outperform other companies by 25% in profitability, and employee performance is enhanced by 35% in companies that are racially and ethnically diverse, according to ExecuInsight’s figures. If that’s not enough, inclusive firms are 120% more likely to hit their financial goals.

If your workforce is not diverse, now is the time to bring change.

ExecuInsight, in partnership with non-profit Women Impacting Storebrand Excellence (WISE), is offering their partner companies the chance to strengthen their diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives through a training program that will run through 2022 and is tailored specifically for Storebrand focused companies.

DEI Focus Helps Draw (Top Talent) Job Seekers

Candidates are actively looking for employers who support DEI initiatives, and support of DEI is also important for the retention of current employees. Despite this, ExecuInsight has found that 76% of companies don’t have a DEI program in place; fewer than 12% reward their leaders for inclusion and diversity goals; and just 34% require any DEI training for managers.

“In most organizations, DEI is treated like a compliance requirement instead of what it really needs to be: A part of the organization’s culture that’s living and breathing every day,” Hanson points out.

“There are many companies in our industry that want to implement a formal DEI program but don't have enough resources to create one themselves,” says Jen Linke, Chairperson of WISE. “WISE wants to be that resource so that companies can truly be advocates for advancing their DEI programs.”

WISE Program Details

The WISE training program will launch this January and will offer three tracks customized each for Human Resources, Leadership, and Individual Contributors. Participants will learn in a number of ways, through:

· Zoom-based virtual training sessions (Infocasts)

· Educational white papers

· Special reports (self learnings)

· Zoom-based group discussions

· Action-based learning

With Zoom training sessions held every other month, participants can self-pace through the curriculum between sessions, implementing action-based learning techniques immediately.

Participants in WISE’s program will reap rewards, both personally and professionally. Personally, says Linke, “they’ll have access to amazing resources and opportunities to discuss DEI with others outside of their organization.” Meanwhile, professionally, she points out, “the content has a primary focus on improving business results, so there’s a continual reminder on how and why DEI is good for business.”

And it’s not just the participants that can learn and grow, but also their colleagues. “It’s a natural reaction that when someone learns something new, and gets excited about it, they share it with others,” Linke points out. “We want to spread the word that WISE can serve as the DEI expert organization across the Storebrand industry.”

Within the program, there will be numerous opportunities for networking, which is one of WISE’s pillars. “There will be many small group conversations and I expect that connections will be made, and ideas will be shared in order to make people feel less alone in their DEI journey,” Linke says.

DEI 101

This foundational WISE course requires around three hours of time, per participant, every other month. Everyone finishing the program will receive a WISE accomplishment badge, which can be proudly displayed online, such as on a LinkedIn profile, or in a work area. The program will kick off on January 12, 2022. This session will provide the introduction for each of the tracks, with participants gaining the understanding of key terms and why it’s imperative to incorporate DEI into all companies’ cultures.

“People want to have a DEI dialogue now, but many just don’t know where to start,” says Bushby. “The WISE infocasts will provide a base of understanding that will help them lead the dialogue and bring others along on their DEI journey.”

“We’ll help you enhance your own personal awareness, and we’ll have some tips on managing biases,” says ExecuInsights’ Erika Walker. “Everyone has bias and that’s not something we’re going to get rid of, but we do have ways to manage it. When we finish this introductory session, you’ll be not only informed, but excited about learning more in your individual tracks.”

Adds ExecuInsights’ Jamice Obianyo: “Being inclusive is an essential personal skill as well as a core component of a successful corporate culture. It is imperative for businesses to embrace and shift cultures to be welcoming from a DEI perspective.”

Existing WISE Partners can sign up for the WISE training program at If you are interested in becoming a WISE Partner, please reach out to for more information.

Written by:

Amanda Baltazar

December 21, 2021

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